Exhibitions and Events

Current exhibitions

National Botanic Garden of Wales, Carmarthenshire: 23rd July – 8th September 2019, Botanical Sculptures (wax) and Etched Entomology (copper plates), in For Safekeeping solo exhibition. 

Anima Silvae Association in collaboration with Kalpa Art Living and Pignano Art Gallery, Tuscany, Italy: May – October 2019, Etched Entomology (copper plates), in De Rerum Natura | On the Nature of Things group exhibition.

Cornell University, The Mann Gallery, Alberta R. Mann library, Ithaca, NY 14855: 15th April – 30th September 2019, Wildflower Sculptures (wax) and Etched Entomology (copper plates), in PolliNation: Artists Crossing Borders with Scientists to Explore the Value of Pollinator Health group exhibition.

Selected past exhibitions and events


The Art Shop, Cross Street, Abergavenny: 15th June – 10th August 2019, Botanical sculptures (wax) and Etched Entomology (copper plates), in the Mixed Summer Show featuring work by 7 diverse artists for the Abergavenny Art’s Festival 


Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, Cardiff: Papaver rhoeas, Corn poppy and Papaver somniferum, Opium poppy (wax), in Poppies for Remembrance WW1 commemorative exhibition. 


Made in Roath, Cardiff: Open studio, for the 2018 Arts Festival.  


Made in Roath, Cardiff: Etched Entomology (copper plates), solo exhibition, for the 2017 Arts Festival. 

Off The Wall Gallery, Cardiff: Etched Entomology (copper plates), in Wings of Summer group exhibition.


Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, Cardiff: Carboniferous plant reconstructions (wax), chosen from the Museum Wales permanent collections for display in Fragile? group exhibition. 

Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh and National Botanic Garden of Wales: Giant Lichen cross section (mixed media), in From Another Kingdom – The Amazing World of Fungi touring exhibition.

Oriel y Parc, Pembrokeshire: Hedge banks (mixed media), Graham Sutherland Landscape Gallery installation.


Manchester Museum: Boletus edulis, Penny bun and Suillus luteus, Slippery jack fungi models (wax), in Siberia: At the edge of the world exhibition.